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Wednesday, May 6, 2015   /   by Jason Sampson

Three Ways To Make Your Small Bathroom Work

There’s a lot to love about older homes, but one of the less charming features you may be dealing with is a small bathroom. Creating a comfortable area for bathing and grooming with enough storage for the essentials – all while keeping everything to code – is a tall order for a small space, but the following design ideas can make your diminutive bathroom a delight.

Let there be light
It’s no secret that natural light makes a space feel larger, which is why home stagers recommend opening your blinds or removing heavy draperies. When applied to a tiny bathroom, the trick is to maintain privacy while maximizing light exposure. Try frosting your windows to get the best of both worlds.
Looking for the perfect light fixture placement? If you plan to use this bathroom to get ready every day, make room for wall sconces on both sides of the mirror. This lighting configuration is more flattering and more effective than overhead lighting when it comes to grooming task. ...